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The Biblically Flat Earth

Revelation 4:3 “And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.”

Flat earth is making believers out of atheists

Flat earth revelation is from God and no other.

By Ryan Lagud April 23rd 2017

Flat earth revelation is from God and no other. It’s not a divisive issue to detract from the gospel. It confirms the gospel.

Flat earth revelation is from God and no other

The Bible had no less than 47 verses referring to a flat, stationary, enclosed earth. It’s His creation and we are the center of it. Adam was the first living human 6,000 years ago. God says we are set on pillars and immovable, covered by a dome like beaten metal and the earth is His footstool. That means He is RIGHT THERE. God tells us the sun and moon are 2 separate lights that revolve around us and the stars are luminaries who follow His prescribed path so we have signs in the night sky. He stopped the sun and moon from moving in the Book of Joshua, not the earth and every ancient culture around the world at that time has a historical tale of either a day when the sun didn’t set or a day when the sun didn’t rise, depending g on where they are located. Science tells us that we are on a spinning ball in the middle of an infinitely large universe, the sun is the center, the moon is a dead planet and we are a random cosmic accident precluding a slow, multi billion year evolution process. Do you see the problem here? Science claims the EXACT opposite of what the Bible says and they present their theories as facts. Facts that you and I cannot corroborate. They teach them at the youngest age possible and mock anybody that questions their “intelligence”. This IS the devil at work here. Flat earth is making believers out of atheists, confirming what believers already know and waking up an entire generation of people to the lies and propaganda spread by a corrupt system being controlled by Luciferians who want nothing more than this worlds inhabitants to question the Bible and look elsewhere for life’s answers thus giving more power to the establishment for safety and security. Enter one world government and the new world order…